Victor-based Cazbah Total Internet Marketing Solutions uses services provided by Axcess Ontario partner Finger Lakes Technologies Group and is now enjoying more bandwidth and speeds that are 10 times faster than what they used to be. “For a business, tapping into the fiber ring is a no-brainer,” said Cazbah president Mike Seppala. “It’s significantly faster, more reliable and less expensive than the services we used to use.”

Iberdrola USA, parent company of Rochester Gas & Electric

Iberdrola USA signed on to the fiber ring, enabling the energy company’s Rochester Gas & Electric utility to enhance communications among 10 of its facilities in Ontario County. Under terms of the agreement, Iberdrola will lease Axcess Ontario’s fiber for the next 20 years. Iberdrola and Axcess Ontario are continuing to discuss additional opportunities as well. “This investment will allow Iberdrola to provide improved services to businesses and residents throughout the community,” said Dan Hucko, director of media relations at Iberdrola USA. “The agreement also allows our company to hold the line on costs. If we did not have access to the fiber ring, we would either have to invest in the infrastructure ourselves, increasing our capital costs or see our monthly telecommunications costs rise dramatically.”

Integrated Systems

“Integrated Systems will use our new partnership with Axcess Ontario to support our last-mile wireless broadband services, providing Internet and data services to underserved rural communities in Ontario County,” said Mark Hamilton, president of Integrated Systems.

Marcus Whitman School District

A small, rural district of approximately 1,300 students, based in Rushville, NY, the Marcus Whitman School District’s two elementary schools—Gorham Elementary and Middlesex Valley Elementary—now have access to a faster, more reliable network for Internet use, as well as internal district communications, thanks to the fiber ring. “The fiber ring has brought true, high-speed Internet to our two elementary schools,” said Marcus Whitman School District Superintendent of Schools Mike Chirco. “Before our elementary schools linked to the fiber ring, large emails would take hours to send, streaming video was slow and poor in quality, and access to district databases was uneven at best. Today, those emails arrive in seconds not hours, a lab full of students can watch a streaming video live, and teachers have online access to vital student information. Students and staff in our elementary schools have finally caught up with our high school and can now enjoy a multimedia world.”

Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless is leasing fiber to connect all of the company’s cell towers in Ontario County in order to provide more reliable cellular service to its customers in the region. “Verizon Wireless is pleased to partner with Axcess Ontario in this exciting public-private partnership,” said Marquett Smith, then-President of Verizon Wireless, Upstate New York Region. “As a result of this partnership, Verizon Wireless will be able to provide our customers with increased network reliability. In addition, the partnership will provide cost savings and efficiencies to us as a company—cost savings that, in turn, can be reinvested into future network enhancements throughout the region.”


Axcess Ontario is a is a not-for-profit development corporation created to develop and manage an open-access fiber-optic backbone initially in Ontario County.

Finger lakes regional telecommunications development corporation