Potential of Fiber Ring and What it Means to the Community

Axcess Ontario, the nonprofit, public-benefit corporation that manages the fiber ring, follows a guiding philosophy and core mission: "Ensuring the telecommunications infrastructure supports technology-led economic development and the technical worker, thus supporting Ontario County’s goal of being a world-class community."

Axcess Ontario's long-term goals include:
• Affordable access, as fast as the service providers can handle (1Gb plus)
• Lead the world in mobile innovation
• Affordable access to robust service
• 1Gb to anchor institutions, and ultimately through fiber to the home
• First responder network/Public Safety
• Clean energy (e.g., Smart Grid)

Thanks to the fiber ring, Ontario County is already well on its way to meeting these long-term goals. In December 2010, Ontario County became one of only 38 communities in the U.S. to gain access to Verizon Wireless' 4G network. The fiber ring is a major reason why our community and our residents now have access to 4G on their mobile smartphones. 

Businesses, institutions and municipalities also now have access to robust service at lower cost. Cazbah Internet Marketing Solutions, based in Victor, NY, tapped into the fiber ring and switched its service. Cazbah now uses Finger Lakes Technologies Group and is enjoying more bandwidth and speeds that are 10 times faster than what they used to be.

"For a business, tapping into the fiber ring is a no-brainer," said Cazbah President Mike Seppala. "It's significantly faster, more reliable and less expensive than the service we used to use." 

Now that businesses, institutions and municipalities have access to faster and more affordable broadband, Axcess Ontario officials are working to ensure that residents enjoy these benefits as well. Officials are working diligently to lure a fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) provider.

“The concept of ‘fiber to the home’ is the ultimate game-changer,” says Axcess Ontario CEO Ed Hemminger. “Once residents have fiber to the home, everything changes. Someone who wants to work from home or start a home-based business can do so with ease. Not only will they have instant access to the online global marketplace, but they’ll also have confidence that their home-based Internet connection will be as fast, as reliable and as competitively priced as any office-based system.

"Imagine conducting video conferences on your iPad with business partners halfway across the world, all from your living room or your back deck. Not only are Axcess Ontario officials imagining it, they're making it a reality. We're only limited by our imagination," Hemminger says.

Axcess Ontario is a is a not-for-profit development corporation created to develop and manage an open-access fiber-optic backbone initially in Ontario County.

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